Узнали о своих правах в Молодечно

The 14th of November in Molodechno held a meeting on human rights and advocacy. Participants talked about what human rights are, know what kind of rights guarantees us our country, analyzed how the activity in our organization based on human rights, as well as analyzed some life situations from a position of […дальше…]

«Легион» завоевал Кубок по флорболу в Молодечно

The YMCA Molodechno Floorball Team competed with three clubs for the victory in the Cup Floorball. Competitions were held in Molodechno. With the home team players were playing three teams from Minsk — «Legion», «Aurora» and «Energy». The intense struggle won the players form club «Legion.»  Team of YMCA Molodechno […дальше…]

Cеминар «Семейные ценности» в Молодечно

The 24th of October in the Youth Center «Maladik» YMCA Molodechno organized a seminar «Family values.» The aim of which was to discuss topical problems of the family in modern society. The coach — Yulia Vedysheva. 24 октября В центре творчества «Маладик» прошёл семинар «Семейные ценности». Цель — обсуждение актуальных проблем […дальше…]

Второй чемпионат YМСА Беларуси по флорболу

On the eve of the opening of the World Hockey Championship in Minsk was held the Second Floorball championship of YMCA Belarus in Molodechno. Before the start of the competition the participants paid tribute to the member of the National Council of YMCA Belarus Denis Ananyev (Disya), which was not […дальше…]

В рамках акции, посвящённой Дню борьбы с ВИЧ, в Молодечно раздавали прохожим памятки «СПИД НЕВОЗМОЖНО УВИДЕТЬ»

During the action dedicated the Day of HIV/AIDS Prevention in Maladziechno were handing out leaflets «AIDS impossible to see». One of the stages of the action called «At the crossroads » – the 30th of November young people were handing out  leaflets  «AIDS impossible to see» on the street of the […дальше…]