Вторая сессия TtT

The 11-13th of December in Volozhin was held the second session of Training for trainers YMCA Belarus. The focus was on issues such as human rights, gender relations and the protection of children. Participants have prepared their homework, they have collected the information necessary to carry out educational activities on the […дальше…]

И снова TtT!

The 16-18th of October in Volozhin was the first stage of training for coaches YMCA Belarus. It was attended by representatives of all the local organizations. Selection of participants is carried out, usually in each locale, taking into account the activity, leadership qualities and the possible prospects for the coaching. […дальше…]

“Y NoT”: European YMCA network of trainers: Сеть тренеров YМСА Европы

26-28 January 2012 in Volozhin, Belarus there was a unique meeting of 18 key leaders fromBelarus,Russia, theUkraine and representatives of YMCA Europe who have given the birth to a new network of European YMCA trainers — “Y NoT”.  “Training the trainers” and “Training for Program Developers” (TtT and TPD) is the […дальше…]

В самом сердце волны

In the framework of TtT in YMCA Vitebsk was organized a training for leaders «Steps to Success.» This training — the first part of the project of Christina Goldina and Anya Ilyicheva. The main purpose of the event was to improve the leadership of the team, as well as support […дальше…]

2-ая сессия TtT в Бресте

Brest hosted the second session of training for trainers. Participants studied the following topics: «Personality of Coach,» «The Leader,» Volunteering», «Project Management»,»Planning for the training». Pupils created their own social projects, learned to formulate goals and objectives, make plans and business reports, summed and analyzed. Volunteers of YMCA Brest conducted for the […дальше…]