YMCA Egypt : staff, volunteers and members are all safe

Early this morning I received a message from our Executive Committee member Ghassan Sayah: «This message is to report that YMCA Egypt,staff,volunteers and members are all safe,but under great stress of the incidents taking place in their country for the last few days,I have been in daily contact with Samy […дальше…]

1st Day Message from the Secretary General

3rd January 2011 Dear friends and colleagues, Greetings from Geneva, where I am honoured to have begun working recently in the handover process from the previous Secretariat. As your newly appointed leadership, Ken Colloton’s and my commitment to you is to advance the movement through processes that are inclusive, engaging, […дальше…]

Report from a visit to YüCEL Cultural Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey

Continue to monitor what happens with the members of our YMCA, and what they say (here — from YMCA Europe). Today our hero is Johan Vilhelm Eltvik — Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs, who — we recall — is a member of the YMCA Belarus (YMCA Vitebsk). Продолжаем отслеживать, […дальше…]

Немного о Фестивале, или Как Йохан Элтвик купил витебский трамвай

На фестивале YMCA «Я над Витебском шагал», который прошёл в этом году в Витебске,  мне не довелось побывать, но фестиваль сам пришёл ко мне в гости, в лице его самых главных лиц! Но обо всём по порядку: Когда: 4 августа 2010 Где: художественная мастерская Юрия Семёновича Черняка Кто: иностранная делегация в […дальше…]