Новогоднее чудо для больных деток

The annual event of YMCA Minsk «The Christmas Letters» was held this year, too. The purpose of the action is the gifts for seriously ill children. In November volunteers collected letters to Ded Moroz and throughout all the December the ordered by the children gifts were bought and packaged. The […дальше…]

Zhodino: the second part of our project

The 15th of January in Saturday, volunteers of YMCA went to Zhodino (40 km from Minsk), to meet with children from a boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care. It was the second part of our annual project «Christmas letters». We collected 58 gifts for all the guys! […дальше…]

Подарки для детей из дома-интерната в Новинках

At the beginning of December we received about 30 letters from children of the orphanage in Novinki. The volunteers of YMCA asked children to write letters to Santa Claus. We have joined the project when the letters were already written, and all we have to do is to execute the wishes […дальше…]

Дети из онкологического центра Боровляны получили свои подарки

The 1-st part of the project “Give children a joy” is over — the holiday of New Year for children with cancer from the Cancer Center Borovliany  took place! Gifts that they requested from Santa Claus and that are so amicably collected and bought for them by our volunteers from […дальше…]

Подарки ждут своего часа

Here are some gifts for the children of the Cancer Center Borovliany and of Zhodino boarding school, collected by our volunteers. Несколько подарков для детей из онкологического центра Боровляны и из Жодинской школы-интерната, собранные нашими волонтёрами.