Nobel laureate

Inventions of Academician Jaures Ivanovich Alferov is used daily by almost every inhabitant of the planet. Every mobile phone, every CD-player, each cash register in supermarkets — all equipped with his invention. And we remember Jaures Alferov was born in Belarus (Vitebsk)! In fact, the name of the chief invention […дальше…]

First of all planes

Today, a resurgent Russia aviation industry is betting on the latest domestic development — the liner Superjet-100 «, developed by Sukhoi. The basis of the air forces of Russia, like many other countries, are unique aircraft of the Su-27 «. It is the strength and pride of aviation! This is […дальше…]

Шагал и Малевич: юбилей конфликта

Events, which wants to tell, contributes more than 90 years ago. In the autumn of 1919. In Vitebsk. One artist has not converged in the views on art with other. So what? It’s absolutely usual thing among artists. A trifle, it would seem. Only the names of artists are famous worldwide: Chagall […дальше…]