Выпускной Школы лидеров в Бресте!

Graduation in YMCA Brest! On 4th of June the graduation of School of leaders 2010-2011 which called «5 stars» had taken place in YМСА Brest. Each star has of 5 points, 5*5=25- 25 graduates of School. The project represented a series of trainings and seminars for pupils and students, willing […дальше…]

Работа учебных кружков YMCA Бреста

Initiated and supported by Resource program of study circles for adults participants of the Leadership program “5 stars2010-2011” were strongly mastering study circles as a non-formal method of education. More then 15 leaders of YMCA Brest run 3 seminars about study circles method and 9 circles for adults during the […дальше…]

Учебные кружки в Бресте

Educational circles in Brest: 1. «The mirror of child’s soul» is the project, designed to correct the injustice of the modern world and help children to make their life less brutal. Look at the pictures again and again!  You can not pass? Do you want to contribute? Call:   375 29 2256 424 (Alesya) Your […дальше…]