Подарки ждут своего часа

Here are some gifts for the children of the Cancer Center Borovliany and of Zhodino boarding school, collected by our volunteers. Несколько подарков для детей из онкологического центра Боровляны и из Жодинской школы-интерната, собранные нашими волонтёрами.

Let’s Give the joy to children — проект продолжается

The project of YMCA Minsk «Let’s Give the joy to children» as part of the project «Christmas letters». Within the project «Let’s Give the joy to children» we collecting gifts for children with cancer who are in cancer center Borovliany (we need now only one gift — a bicycle for a 7-year-old Andrey Smirnov!!!) […дальше…]

Подарим радость детям: Now collect gifts for orphans

Under the project «Christmas letters» YMCA Minsk  have collected gifts for children of cancer patients from Cancer Center in Borovlyany.   Now we collect gifts for children of «Zhodino boarding school for orphans».  We contacted with the leadership of the school and told them about our project. Naturally, the director has supported our ideas and […дальше…]

В нашем мешке появились подарки!

We are pleased to announce that our Christmas gift bag is half full! Remind: YMCA  Minsk holds an annual event «Christmas letters». This year they are collecting gifts for children with cancer are in the oncological center Borovliany, as well as for children from boarding school Zhodino. Here is a […дальше…]

«Christmas letters»: подарим детям праздник!

Кто же нас приблизит к Рождеству и Новому году, если не YMCA Minsk? Ставший за 5 лет традицией проект «Рождественские письма» стартовал! Присоединяйтесь! «The project «Christmas letters» first appeared in 2005. YMCA Minsk collected letters to Santa from children-orphan from Bobruysk. That year (2005) we were only able to reply […дальше…]