В самом сердце волны

In the framework of TtT in YMCA Vitebsk was organized a training for leaders «Steps to Success.» This training — the first part of the project of Christina Goldina and Anya Ilyicheva. The main purpose of the event was to improve the leadership of the team, as well as support […дальше…]

Акция «Пусть каждое сердце скажет!»

The 13th of May at the Palace of Children and Youth in Vitebsk held the event «Let every heart say!» dedicated to people who died of AIDS. The action was organized by volunteers  of YMCA Vitebsk and the Division of HIV / AIDS, participated schoolchildren of the city. At the entrance volunteers fixed red loops to the […дальше…]

2-ая сессия TtT в Бресте

Brest hosted the second session of training for trainers. Participants studied the following topics: «Personality of Coach,» «The Leader,» Volunteering», «Project Management»,»Planning for the training». Pupils created their own social projects, learned to formulate goals and objectives, make plans and business reports, summed and analyzed. Volunteers of YMCA Brest conducted for the […дальше…]