Форум-театр от Димы Азаренкова

The 22th of October was held a training on Forum Theatre, organized by Dmitry Azarenkov (YMCA Vitebsk). The meeting was held thanks to the initiative of Dima and to the interest of the guys to work in this field. The training turned out emotionally saturated, and judging by the interest of […дальше…]

Тренинг для «продвинутых мультиков»

The 27-29 of October in Volozhin was the training «More than oxygen» for multiplicators of » advanced level «. Excellent team of members from YMCAs of Vitebsk, Volozhin , Molodzechno and Lida made ​​this training memorable as for the participants and for the coaches. Here’s a little photo report and […дальше…]

Больше, чем кислород

Volozhin. How many positive emotions gives this city. You fall in love with this city since the first visit, fall in love with that unreal atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding, fall in love with the people that surround you, the people of the YMCA… Воложин. Сколько эмоций вызывает этот […дальше…]