Вифлеемский огонь прибыл в Гродно

Dec. 17 at the Polish-Belarussian border Polish scouts handed to scouts from Belarus the Fire lit in Bethlehem. In Grodno took place the celebratory worship dedicated to the transfer of Fire. Lamp with the sacred fire exhibited in the central altar of the Basilica of Grodno. Believers of any denomination may light their candles from […дальше…]

Вифлеемский Огонь — We invite you

Dear friends! We invite you to participate in the traditional annual international Scout action «The Bethlehem Light of Peace and Friendship»! «Bethlehem Light of Peace and Friendship» is an international campaign of Scouts Europe and Belarus. The fire lit by ever-burning lamps in the Basilica in Bethlehem, transferred across Europe in special lamps. […дальше…]