The latest festival news

YMCA Europe FestivalHere is the latest festival news. As you will see, there are still many opportunities to take an active part in the Festival. Please pay special attention to Leadership training and do not hesitate to apply for it!
Visa issues

Good news. Visa re no longer needed for the following countries: Brasil, Mexico, Albania, Serbia and Macedonia BUT participants MUST have biometric passports – this is necessary.  You can find more information on what biometric passport is here.

Digital materials and copyright

Videos, photographs, and audio clips are taken at all performances and may be used for future promotional material. By attending this festival, you are giving permission on behalf of yourself and/or each person in your group for the YMCA Europe, YMCA Europe member movements, YMCA of the USA and its affiliates to use your image/audio clips for the sole purpose of promotional materials without compensation or further permission.

Leadership Training

Would you like to develop your leadership skills during Festival? If yes, we have good news for you – there are several leadership courses which you can participate in – one organized by YMCA Europe and two by US YMCA!

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9:30 to 12:00 at the Festival venue you will have the chance of participating in one of the offered Leadership Training courses. At the moment you can choose among:

* YMCA Europe Leadership Training
* Philanthropy (Fundraising): Model Practices for YMCA sustainability
* Coming Together: Innovations in Leadership Engagement
YMCA Europe Leadership Training

One can’t imagine a better training context than the gathering of almost 5,000 young people, as a melting pot of the whole world. All colours and languages, cultures and traditions, believes and folkways, but striving together ‘Love 2 Live‘ in Prague.

We gain experiences in everything we do with life. These experiences give us the opportunity to see and discover more ourselves in the light of a participatory learning to release our ultimate potentials.
The leader training every morning at the festival site is a potential possibility to discover oneself in an experiential learning environment.

Every day the sessions begin with a team participatory exercise which helps to learn and share new roles and hidden talents. The exercises and reflections and all the participatory activities will help to release the potentials of the participants. The team of experts and coaches will help in mentoring and gain identity. Watch yourself discover your true full potential.

  • Learn to stretch out your wings of creativity and imagination in a colourful world within diversity and creation
  • To gain clear insights into personal leadership strengths and collectively create a culture of unity in a healthy world
  • Together with many others, reflect, see a new you and foster to see a new horizon of capacity in a faithful world.

What more: adventure games, team games and self-improvement activities, all with fun and a time of learning and self-discovery.

The team will be strongly linked with the motto of the day with special tasks to continue the learner driven experiences with all activities. The team will reflect every morning on their engagement and experiential learning. 

Each participant will receive an International Leader Training Certificate.
Daily Structure of the Leader training.

  • Start with General Instruction on activity
  • Team exercises — Stefan Westhauser, YMCA University, Kassel, Germany
  • Sharing of learning experiences and outcomes
  • Input on Leadership and on the festival theme days — Speakers: Peter Posner (GB), Romulo Dantas (Brasil), Solomon Benjamin (India), Dorothee Pfrommer (Ger)
  • Questions and answers and round up instructions.

Philanthropy:  Model Practices for YMCA Sustainability

The training will be led by two experienced YMCA fundraisers from local YMCAs in the USA who explain its content:

“Everyone at every level of the YMCA organization has the opportunity to tell the YMCA story of impact, elevate community awareness of the YMCA, make new friends and raise money that is vital to supporting the important work of the YMCA.  Whether you are a volunteer, staff or member of the YMCA, you can make a difference by learning the importance of philanthropy and how to be successful in raising money for your Y.

This program will take participants through a series of progressive learning steps to help them understand concepts of fundraising and philanthropy; build a case for giving to the YMCA; learning to “tell the story” in an compelling way; how to identify and cultivate donors; and how to have fun while raising money.

The program will be fun, interactive and will combine theoretical knowledge with practical application.”
Coming Together:  Innovations in Leadership Engagement

“Finding community members who wish to take volunteer or staff leadership roles in the YMCA is often easy; but keeping them active, engaged, feeling included and growing as leaders in the YMCA and community is much more difficult.” 

This Leadership Training will:

  • help participants understand what motivates people to be leaders
  • how to use current social and demographic trends to engage staff and volunteers
  • examine successful leadership development models and practices that support  and develop strong organizational leaders
  • offer a framework to further engage and connect with staff and volunteers in your YMCA.
  • offer a staff / volunteer leadership-skills model to ensure consistent development around leadership skills and qualities.

This training will foster creative thinking and discussion, promote self-reflection, and stimulate innovative ideas to support strong leadership growth in your YMCA.
To participate in the leadership training you need to:
* Choose only one training
* register by July 15
* for the YE leader training be at least 18 years old
Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00h – 11:30h at the Festival site
Please remember that:
*As a registered leadership training participant you are expected to attend the whole training and be there for the entire sessions
* the number of places at the trainings are limited so sign up now!
Registration form.
We Love2Live in Prague Day

On Wednesday, August 7, the Festival site will be closed until 17:00, BUT this does not mean there is no programme prepared!

The Czech YMCA is preparing entertainment in the city of Prague – do you feel like exploring, having rest or some excitement? We will provide all these opportunities! We hope to encourage you to visit all the “stations” around the city – if you do so, you will get nice souvenir.

The tours will not be organized – the participants decide which order they visit the stations. We will provide a map and guidance from nearest bus / tram stop. 

Here are some examples of the places to visit and explore:

  • YMCA Palace Na Porici – a unique chance to visit the historical Czech YMCA building and to meet persons from YMCA history.
  • Vitkov memorial – an opportunity to experience life under communism via interactive play outside the monument and to reflect about faith inside.
  • Petrin tower – a great place to be with someone you are in love with, great place to view the city from the top of the lookout tower.
  • YMCA Dixie club – interesting opportunity to visit a local YMCA youth club, to climb the wall and to try archery.

At the end of the day we hope to gather all the Festival participants in the city centre to manifest our Love towards Life – therefore, we would like you to bring your national and local YMCA symbols and flags! Stay tuned for updates on the webpages and see you on August 7! 


Dear YMCA friends in Europe,
if you want to be an exhibitor at the Programme EXPO, 
31st of May is your last chance.

Because space is limited and we have to order  EXPO boxes,
we ask you to quickly fill in the attached form and register for the YMCA Festival EXPO.

At the moment these projects are registered for the EXPO.

Y’sOGA is for people who enjoy both the YMCA and YOGA! There will be workshops provided by YMCA Belarus, but you can also apply to lead your own yoga workshop if you wish. Send an application to Yulia. Join us! 


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