The latest news about the European TEN SING Festival!

Last weekend was the «Big Meeting» for most of the crew members of the ETS festival. So Susan and Fitz, who will guide you trough the festival and moderate the mainstage, present the festival area in Ziegenhain. Look around!

Hello TEN SING Europe!

Here is the latest newsletter about the European TEN SING Festival!


“MOVin Out Day”

The 4th Day of the Festival will be the “MOVin Out Day” which means, that we will all left the festival area for exploring many different sights in Germany.
For these sights you have to register separately.
If you have paid already you can choose these Activities on the page, with the access data we send you with your registration.
You should choose quickly because most of the activities have got a capacity limit!


What’s happening in the background?

Two meetings have past.

The Big Meeting at the beginning of May, where we are able to see who is doing what, where, when with whom and whyJ. So it was, as one might say, a really Big and successful Meeting.

Last Week on Monday the 16th we spoke with all the public authorities all around the festival City. And we are glad to say, that we can now confidently go into the crunch mode.



Some the participants who are coming to our festival, have to apply for Visa. Now these people can give us there passport data at the page.
For further question please write an e-Mail to


You have got problems with sending E-Mails to the festival address.

Well, we know.
You won’t be the first and perhaps not the last.
But we are glad to tell you, that we are receiving every mail which is send to the address, independent if you get any error massage.

Best wishes and be blessed
See you at the festival

The festival office

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