Bridgwater YMCA wins the First Light Awards 2011

Bridgwater YMCA were announced as the winners of the Young Voice Award at the First Light Awards 2011. The award was presented by Miranda Hart of ‘Miranda’.

The annual First Light Awards took place on Tuesday 15 March at Odeon, Leicester Square.

Young film-makers from across the country, many from disadvantaged and minority ethnic backgrounds, gathered at the prestigious awards ceremony for a day of glitz and glamour! Judges this year included Daniel Craig, Paul Greengrass, David Yates, Sienna Miller, Nick Frost, Dougray Scott, Emily Mortimer, Terry Gilliam and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett amongst others.

 Watch Until My Heart’s, Like Finished’ — the Award-winning film from Bridgwater YMCA. Watch the Highlights from the First Light Awards 2011

 YMCA England

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