EVS in YMCA Romania

YMCA Румынии встречает у себя EVS (European Voluntary Service) волонтёров: Это Lusine из Армении, Erdost из Турции, Ines из Португалии и Marco из Италии. Вот некоторые из их впечатлений.
Ymca Romania meets the EVS volunteers Lusine, Erdost, Ines and Marco. Here are some of their impressions of the project:

Hi everyone. I am Lusine. I am an Armenian volunteer in Romania. I should sign I am an EVS volunteer. It is really nice and interesting to be volunteer. I did voluntary work in Armenia and then   decided to do in abroad. So the EVS   was the best opportunity to do voluntary work, but I should be honest  I am doing voluntary work at first for me to improve my own skills, to  know and see new culture, new country. in the other hand if once u do voluntary work u will see me what I am feeling during it, when people are thank full to you.

So it is 4 days I am in Romaia. I don’t feel the cultural shock which I expect to feel, maybe the reason are the YMCA and people, and also the similar thing between Romania an Armenia, or it depends on my nature. I don’t no but I feel good. I have a very nice flat which I am going to share with my Turkish, Italian, Portuguese friends. Everything  was ok during the first days of my EVS, but I should tell something. The only not normal thing was that I had to wait at  Vienna’s airport  12 hours, because  my flight was deleted and I left later, but after going to Bukharest then Cluj finally  I arrived Baia Mare. I will start my regular work on Monday and I will keep a tough to lett u know aboute voluntary work in Baia Mare and about Romanian culture, I will also add pictures. Bye.


Hi, everyone!
This is Inês, from Portugal! This is my first entry in the blog, but i’m here in Baia Mare for two weeks now! Until now, i am absorbing the city and life in general, when i arrived there was still snow, for me this was very fun and beautiful, because in the area that i lived in Portugal we don’t get snow easily I still prefer the sun although, and i’m glad Spring is coming. As for Baia Mare, i’m starting to know the town, i really like the old part, and our home is great! I have to say that i really don’t feel the “cultural chock”, because everyone is beeing very welcoming and i found lots of similarities between Portugal and Romania (Language included . We already started some activities , i worked with children in the past, so for me the activities in Caritas are the best part of the work for now. I want to explore more the city and it’s sorroundings, but i will wait until i’ve got a bike, to get to know with more freedom and faster, more about this part of the world I went out a couple of times with my colleagues, but i’m a little bit sad, because i really enjoy tradicional music, and i hear tradicional music from Romania, but i didn’t found yet a place here where i can get to know more about it. If someone as tips, please feel free to tell me
So everything is good here, but i still feel a lot of Saudade ( that’s a Portuguese word, that as no translation, and we use it, when we miss something) of Portugal! I hope that Maramures and Romania in general will reveal its magical ways to me ( i’ve feeling that it’s out there, i just need to go and get it
See you soon

Regards,  Inês

Hi I’m Marco, and i’m very happy to be here. I arrived in Baia Mare on a cold night in the first of March. When i got out of the bus, three beautiful girls were waiting for me and then i thought to myself: Woow, nice place, Baia Mare!
When i arrived in the house i found a welcoming environment. I must say that the three volunteers (Erdost, Lusine and Inês) were very kind to me and had a lot of patience with my english. The projects that i’ve participated until now are very interesting. I visited Caritas and i meet the gipsy children…very, very nice! I participated to some workshop with the romanian volunteers and i visited with them the Ethnographic Museum and went to romanian classes. For the moment i’m learning more about the work of YMCA organization.
Baia Mare in my point of view is interesting town to explore and i hope that my staying here will get better and better. For now it’s all

See you next time


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