Earthquake in Japan — Update 4

March 22, 2011

As of March 22, 2011 the Government reported the total death caused by Earth quakes and Tsunami on March 11 were over 9000 and people missing were over 12600 in Tohoku and Kanto area.

The figures cited from in the news paper from Japan.   March 22, 2011

Iwate:  The Morioka YMCA has been sending staff and volunteers in Miyako city, one of the severely damaged city. They are working closely with the churches in the area.
The Yokohama YMCA will send directors to help them for one week. Also special mountaineers will be sent there.

Miyagi:  The Sendai YMCA started to help people in community by offering place to stay and offering foods to the victims immediately after the Earthquake. Now sending a team to the affected areas for further investigation for possible activities.

Ibaragi: The Tsukuba YMCA helping refugees from Fukushima Nuclear Reactor threat area by  offering child care and recreation programs cooperated with social welfare council.

Tochigi: Offering elderly programs in eastern area of Utsunomiya and Haga  area, which had damages in many houses. The YMCA is also planning to take care of the people evacuated from the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor problems. The YMCA had some damages in its buildings and facilities.
Tokyo: The Tokyo YMCA has been sending their staff to the affected areas and helping them plan the rescue activities. They collaborate with Y’s Men’s Club to deliver emergency commodity. Some of the YMCA buildings were damaged.

Kanagawa: The Yokohama YMCA has been sending their staff to the affected areas. Some of the YMCA buildings were damaged.

Fukushima: No YMCA.

National Council is the main office to coordinate national wide activities and oversea communication. Right now they have been gathering all the information from the YMCA staff members who were sent to the affected areas. Requesting fund raising from local YMCAs in the other areas and overseas. All the YMCA Japan, have been prepared to send staff and volunteers to the places when routes and places to stay are ready in the mid-and-long term.

Shigeru Shimada, General Secretary
The National Council of YMCAs of Japan

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