In love with Armenia!

Кстати, Оля, да! По поводу твоего комментария.

Зашла я тут как-то на днях на сайт YMCA Europe — полистать, новой информации для себя почерпнуть. Открываю и — бац — на главной странице — фотография Оли Лукиной — председателя нашего национального Совета! Почитала статью с удовольствием: очень яркий и эмоциональный рассказ об Армении. Выкладываю его сюда в сопровождении не менее замечательных фотографий Тани Волоховой. Ну а для полного 3D эффекта можете заварить себе чашечку кофе и включить армянскую музыку 🙂

Olga Lukina: City, Stones and Vision 

One of the participants of Catch the Vision seminar is sharing her unique experiences and impact of the event.

Before coming to Catch the Vision I put my pink photo camera into my bag and set up my inner camera to catch as many visions as possible. It was my second time in Yerevan and I knew where I was coming. But nevertheless it again made me fall in love with Armenia!

Vision 1. The city of Yerevan.

Do you remember a fairy tale about a Magician from Emerald city? I am sure that the same Magician has created Yerevan. But that time he had another mood and his city turned to be rose-colored. (I even can’t say pink, because by photo camera is pink and it suits me as to a blond one:)). The mood it gives to you is absolutely unique – a little bit festive, but endlessly calm and secure, very romantic but businesslike, fashionable and pretty but old and traditions keeping. In my culture the Armenians are perceived as very hospitable hosts. The whole Armenia meets you as it is. And even taxi-drivers suggest you their phones to make a call if they see that you are waiting for someone to meet you in the airport.

Amazing architecture. A mass of white “Niva” cars. A fantastic aroma of coffee. Fashionable globalistic shops and cosy easterly corners. You can say that you’ve seen plenty of such places. No, you haven’t, because there are two things which make this place absolutely special. You can feel Armenia only if you combine the view with Armenian music. And all this view meant nothing if it was not eyed by the Ararat. If it wasn’t observed by God. This is the main reason, perhaps, of the safety feeling.

Vision 2. Stones of Armenia.

What can be unique about stones? Stones are just stones. But not in Armenia. Here they are singing. These are stones that create Armenian music. It gives the impression of eternity and infinity. You touch a stone of the 4-th century and understand how much they saw, understand and can tell. And they do it. By music…

They all belong to mountains – far and close, warm and cold. And, of course, to the main one – which is looking at you. And even if you can’t see the Ararat because of the weather, you definitely see its view. Because it is not about eyes, that’s about your heart.

Vision 3. Catch the Vision.

30 people from 18 nations are sitting in a room of a hotel “Hrazdan” in Yerevan in Armenia. Surrounded by rose-coloured city, mountains, the eye of the Ararat and by the whole world. They are discussing conflicts without mentioning real and painful ones. They all speak different languages by nature but here they speak one and understand each other. They have come here from numerous spots of the Earth, divided by different time belts with a wish to catch the vision. Of what? Why? What for? We didn’t ask these questions. We just felt. As with everything in Armenia: sometimes you can’t understand where the Ararat is, but you feel it…  

Author/Source: Olga Lukina, Chairwomen YMCA Belarus (27 years old) from YMCA Europe

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  1. Прочитала… Вновь захотелось почувствовать Арарат…

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