Лайфхаки: как «загореться», сделать и не «выгореть»

Тренинг по управлению организацией прошел в образовательном центре «Понемонцы» YMCA Беларуси. Лидеры из разных регионов страны постарались вместе разобраться в тонкостях деятельности советов и ревизионных комиссий, налаживании эффективной коммуникации, разработки и реализации стратегических планов.

Вторая сессия TtT

The 11-13th of December in Volozhin was held the second session of Training for trainers YMCA Belarus. The focus was on issues such as human rights, gender relations and the protection of children. Participants have prepared their homework, they have collected the information necessary to carry out educational activities on the […дальше…]

Move to strength — международный семинар для ключевых лидеров

13-15 November 2015, YMCA Europe Training on Governance took place in Belarus, Volozhyn.There is understanding among the YMCA movements of Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine that strong democratic governance is a way to sustainability. But there are a lot of questions about practical implementation of democratic values in structures, procedures, documents, […дальше…]

Тренинг по адвокатированию

October  31 — November 1 in Volozhin was training on advocacy. Coaches are the experts Vladimir Korzh and Valeriy Zhurakovskiy. 31 октября-1 ноября в Воложине прошёл тренинг по адвокатированию от прекрасных экспертов из МПОО «АКТ» Владимира Коржа и Валерия Жураковского. Участники из почти всех локальных отделений смогли разобраться с тем, […дальше…]

И снова TtT!

The 16-18th of October in Volozhin was the first stage of training for coaches YMCA Belarus. It was attended by representatives of all the local organizations. Selection of participants is carried out, usually in each locale, taking into account the activity, leadership qualities and the possible prospects for the coaching. […дальше…]

Кристину переизбрали на второй срок

The 4th of October in Valozhyn held the YMCA Belarus Conference.The post of chairman of National Council for the second time has been elected Kristina Mirsalimova. Zhenya Pochepko, Vitalik Mlechko, Vahovich Dima, Tatyana Borohovskuya, Veronica Sadovnikova, Margarita Lagodich and Adalevskiy Cheslav have been elected to the Board Council. Nastya Chuhlatuya, […дальше…]

“Шынадэмантаж” па-Панямонску сагрэлі печкай

The volunteers from YMCA Belarus arrived to the village Ponemontsy, which houses now the youth center of YMCA and in which this year were organized camp and festival, to close the summer season and to clean up the house and yard. Despite the rain and the coolness of autumn, they […дальше…]

Второй и заключительный день «РАЗАМ»

On the second day of the Festival continued working workshops, as well as passed the historical orienteering «Historical fight». From 11.00 to 12.00 participants took part in a mini-conference «Together for Peace». The sence of this short conversation (1.5 hours) is to show to our young people a good example […дальше…]

Фестиваль «Разам» начался

The first day of the Festival «Razam» ended. The day of 31th of July began with morning exercise and after breakfast started their work a lot of workshops. After the grand opening of the Festival the workshops continued their work. After lunch at 19.00 began Tensing concert «Razam!», in which […дальше…]

Лагерь в Понемонцах начался сегодня

Today, the 23th of July has started the Second National Camp YMCA Belarus «All Together! Ponemontsy — 2015» Ponemontsy — is a village in the Lida district, Grodno region, that has a building of village school, which stands on the picturesque banks of the river Neman, and now — it […дальше…]