Воспоминания о поездке в Швейцарию!

In May this year a group from YMCA Vitebsk visited their partners from YMCA Thalwil (Switzerland). The tour was fascinating! On the way we visited Nuremberg and Stuttgart. In the YMCA house we were welcome met bySebastian, who spent a lot of time with us all this trip. On the […дальше…]

Может ли неформальное и дополнительное образование стать двигателем регионального развития?

June 26 in Vitebsk was a meeting «Possibilities of informal and additional education for Regional Development», organized jointly with the YMCA Vitebsk and Association of supplementary education and enlightenment. More than 30 experts discussed how non-formal education influence on the development of the region and got acquainted with the best practices […дальше…]

Intercultural fitness

«Intercultural fitness» — это был весьма активный семинар о предрассудках, стереотипах и дискриминации, а главное — о преодолении всего ранее перечисленного. Шесть стран должны были ужиться в одном отеле, провести неделю в одном конференц-зале, и всё своё время проводить вместе. Это был очень богатый опыт общения. Мы говорили о различиях […дальше…]

Наше невероятное путешествие в Швецию

July 7, 2013. Sunday. The 1st Day. The day started with the amicable breakfast (thanks to our duty!). Then in company with Frederick, two Lindas and Lena we went to dance magic dance sha’bam. We were warmly greeted by the girl-coach and raced fun, energetic dance. Everyone danced and no one […дальше…]

Study Visit in Ukraine

         1 — 9 June in the beautiful city of Ukrainian Anthracite was a Study Visit for YMCAs of England, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. During the visit the delegations made the presentations of their organizations. At the meeting paid great attention to the identification of social problems in the region and possible ways to […дальше…]

The latest festival news

Here is the latest festival news. As you will see, there are still many opportunities to take an active part in the Festival. Please pay special attention to Leadership training and do not hesitate to apply for it!   Visa issues Good news. Visa re no longer needed for the […дальше…]

YMCA World Challenge Results

Дорогие друзья!  С удовольствием сообщаем вам, что мы, наконец, закончили подсчёт участников YMCA World Challenge.  13 октября 85 стран мира были объединены YMCA World Challenge в сотнях локальных отделений. В этот день мы рассказывали нашим местным сообществам о YMCA и о том, что мы делаем, чтобы вдохновить молодых людей. Это […дальше…]

IV Фестиваль неформального образования

The first time I get to the Festival of non-formal education only this year, but this event is held for the fourth time. Has become a tradition to hold the Festival every two years since 2006. And as difficult to reconcile with the fact that three previous festivals have been […дальше…]


Being honest, I was going to make the story structured and sequential… But it’s so helpful sometimes to go far from structuring, planning, being logical… Here the etudes of wonderful, strange and/or touching episodes happened to me here in Prague so far. Hopefully you will enjoy the reading as me enjoyed these […дальше…]

The youth project in OBERHOF (Germany)

A group of 10 people of YMCA-Belarus took part in the youth project «sportevens and activ and healthy live style — young people from Europe come together to support host region Part 1″, which was held under the patronage of AWO-Sano Thüringen gGmbh. This project is a part of … […дальше…]