Epilogue after the “MOVin”

It`s not an easy task to write about such an amazing event which took place about a month ago…It seems to me that it was not a reality just a dream, dream full of laughing, vivid emotions and creativity. I want to draw your attention to the YMCA European TenSing festival “MOVin”! This festival was organized by YMCA Europe in Ziegenhain (Germany) – the most magnificent land of fairy-tales. And you know, it`s not a metaphor, it`s a true because not far from this small town in Treysa Charles Perrault had found a legend then  written by Brothers Green which became the basis for their famous “Red Riding Hood”! So, now you can easily imagine the beauty and the charm of this place.

Martin and the ETS Festival — episode 1 — How to become a XXL participant?

«Привет всем! Я — Мартин из Германии, и я поеду в Цигенхайн (Ziegenhain) этим летом. Вы знаете, почему? Потому что там будет проходить Европейский Тенсинг-фестиваль! А вы там будете, а? Да? Тогда я могу рассказать вам о нём подробнее. .. «

«Hey everybody, I’m Martin from Germany and I’ll go to Ziegenhain this summer. You know why? There is the European Ten Sing Festival. Will you join it as well? Yeah, so I can tell you more about that…»

Последние новости о Европейском Тенсинг-фестивале:

Крайний срок регистрации / Movin Out день
Фестиваль приближается, как и крайний срок подачи заявок. Мы хотели бы призвать всех, кто не зарегистрирован на фестиваль ETS, подписаться на фестиваль до 30 июня 2011!
Без вас это будет уже не тот Фестиваль! Поэтому, пожалуйста, зарегистрируйтесь здесь: my.ets2011.eu

The new trailer of ETS Festival in Ziegenhain!

Now the new trailer is here! Hope to see you all at the ETS Festival in Ziegenhain!

Manuel Kappmeyer
Florian Hartzsch
Philip Wilson
Tobias Gaede

Shindig Records. WeRunRiot, Neil Ward & the Shakinouts „ben dance (mmmppp33)»  http://www.jamendo.com/de/album/45310

The latest news about the European TEN SING Festival!

Last weekend was the «Big Meeting» for most of the crew members of the ETS festival. So Susan and Fitz, who will guide you trough the festival and moderate the mainstage, present the festival area in Ziegenhain. Look around!

Hello TEN SING Europe!

Here is the latest newsletter about the European TEN SING Festival!