Молодежный центр в Понемонцах изменит облик

Волонтеры в молодежном центре в Понемонцах выложили «кирпичные дорожки», расчистили часть берега Немана от кустов и наполнили окрестности песнями под гитару и запахом жареных колбасок. На выходные 14-15 мая в Понемонцах собралась большая компания. В молодежный центр, расположенный в Лидском районе на берегу Немана, приехали волонтеры из Минской, Брестской и […дальше…]

Рождество по-швейцарски отпраздновали в Минске

The active members of YMCA Minsk celebrated Christmas together with their friends from Switzerland. In the program of the meeting were competitions, games, warm communication, gifts and teatime. The Chairman of YMCA Minsk Julua Kamyak handed to participants membership cards and Christmas gifts. The evening was filled with good humor and […дальше…]

Вторая сессия TtT

The 11-13th of December in Volozhin was held the second session of Training for trainers YMCA Belarus. The focus was on issues such as human rights, gender relations and the protection of children. Participants have prepared their homework, they have collected the information necessary to carry out educational activities on the […дальше…]

Move to strength — международный семинар для ключевых лидеров

13-15 November 2015, YMCA Europe Training on Governance took place in Belarus, Volozhyn.There is understanding among the YMCA movements of Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine that strong democratic governance is a way to sustainability. But there are a lot of questions about practical implementation of democratic values in structures, procedures, documents, […дальше…]

Брестские школьники творили по правилам и без

A special power of art therapy have experienced students who participated in an educational event in Brest. Interactive meeting was held on the initiative of YMCA Brest and educational centr «Mayak». The organizers gave an unforgettable day for teens from Buchemlyanskaya school and gymnasium № 6. Art therapy, a walk […дальше…]

«Легион» завоевал Кубок по флорболу в Молодечно

The YMCA Molodechno Floorball Team competed with three clubs for the victory in the Cup Floorball. Competitions were held in Molodechno. With the home team players were playing three teams from Minsk — «Legion», «Aurora» and «Energy». The intense struggle won the players form club «Legion.»  Team of YMCA Molodechno […дальше…]

Аттестованные мультипликаторы ждут своих сертификатов

The guys who participated in 2-day training of peer education program in YMCA Vitebsk, passed certification on studied material. The exam took experts of the Department of HIV/AIDS together with the members of the organization. The certificate gives the right to a new multiplicators to conduct trainings for their peers […дальше…]

Волонтеры YMCA Минск поднялись на белорусский Эверест

During one day volunteers from YMCA Minsk overcame 15 kilometers on foot and saw the ruins of a mill which is a hundred years. In autumn trip from Minsk went more than ten people. Among them were representatives of the YMCA of Minsk, Brest and Molodechno. Along with them went […дальше…]

“Шынадэмантаж” па-Панямонску сагрэлі печкай

The volunteers from YMCA Belarus arrived to the village Ponemontsy, which houses now the youth center of YMCA and in which this year were organized camp and festival, to close the summer season and to clean up the house and yard. Despite the rain and the coolness of autumn, they […дальше…]

“Фірмовы” сіці-квэст па-еўрапейску

The 19th of September the volunteers of YMCA-Minsk organized an action «Open Minsk». The event included a seminar about the program of EVS (coach — Olga Khvedchenya from YMCA-Brest), and the game city-quest, during which participants were able to explore the beautiful Minsk. After the event participants drank tea with sweets […дальше…]